We have started supplying and fitting a range of quality ABT products.  We are delighted to be able to supply tuning power upgrades, a range of striking alloys, upgrade aerodynamics; including front and rear bumpers, side trims and spoilers, and a range of complimentary Bilstein adjustable suspension kits, which are suitable for VW Transporters.

ABT has a long tradition in international motorsport, its origins date back to 1896 born out of a simple blacksmiths workshop in Bavaria and has grown to be a brand synonymous with motor racing.

The largest tuning provider for vehicles within the Volkswagen and Audi Group, ABT have developed their innovative range of products over the years, bringing their love of motorsport from the racetrack to the streets, for the wider public to enjoy. 

ABT represents the best of German precision engineering and is a name that stands for quality, they are one of the biggest tuning and aftermarket companies for the VW and Audi Group.  We are certain that the range of products on offer will meet all your expectations in terms of build quality, performance, and engineering; no other company offering similar products can even compare to ABT.

Take a look at these T6.1 Transporters that we have completed, they have been fitted with the ABT front grille, front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, rear spoiler, accompanied by a set of Riviera alloys. The grey van was also lowered with a set of Bilstein coilovers to really set it off. The results are truly stunning!

Our team was able to colour code the bumpers, side skirts and spoiler to perfectly match the colour of these two vans and totally transform them in a few short days.

If you have a Transporter, or indeed any other vehicle that could use some ABT/Storm treatment, be sure to give our team a call and see what the possibilities are.

We will be adding more ABT products on our website, so keep an eye out for some great products to come.

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