Anyone snorkelling this weekend?

Around here, we notice trends coming and going in the custom pickup world and one which has certainly seen a rise recently, is the popularity of snorkels.  Every week, pickups of all models come through our garage doors for fitting.

A snorkel is considered one of the most effective ways of protecting your engine from mud and water…plus they also look at bit cool!

Tyres, suspension, lights are all essential to enable your pickup to tackle any trail, but as any off-road enthusiast will tell you, a snorkel plays a vital role in protecting your most valuable asset, the engine, from potential disaster when driving in water or mud.

Snorkels provide an intake of air, with the advantage that your engine has access to both cleaner and cooler air.Β  This higher intake of air will reduce the amount of dust entering the system and can really help to reduce engine wear and tear while also improving performance.

It’s important when purchasing a snorkel for your vehicle that is fitted correctly by a trained installer.Β  In order to work, the air tube needs to pass through the fender, therefore requiring modification to the bodywork, and it needs to be sealed correctly around all joints.

Whether its for form or function, here at Storm Xccessories, we can supply and fit snorkels for a range of vehicles, give our team a call to see what we can do for you.  Fitting is available at our headquarters in Swatragh, conveniently located along the A29, and at our GB base in Tweksbury, Gloscestershire, just off junction 9 of the M5.

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