Customised VW Amarok

Check out one of our most recent vehicles in for customisation, this beautiful VW Amarok.  Sometimes a pickup comes in and you don’t want it to leave, unless you’re the one lucky enough to drive it away – this Amarok was one such vehicle.

We customised this vehicle with some really eye-catching styling to give this Amarok some extra kerb appeal.  The black/silver contrast of this Amarok looks great, the front double spoiler bars really enhance the look of this vehicle.  Polished to a high mirror finish, these spoilers have been specifically designed to follow the form of the vehicle, and really add a touch of class.  Adding to this, to the rear, we added an EGR stainless steel roll bar.

Sitting well on top, should you require any assistance to see in the dark, the double row LED DRL light bar will provide cover for some 50,000 hours.  Sitting on a fully adjustable mounting bracket, this light bar is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof; a handy feature if you’re off-roading…or trying to avoid potholes.  To their advantage, these high brightness LEDs are both energy-efficient and low on power consumption.

On all windows, we have added our wind deflectors, these are one of our top selling our products for the simple reason that 1, they are very affordable, 2, they provide lots of functional benefits and 3, they look great on all vehicles!  Let’s look at the benefits of wind deflectors; when a window is open, they reduce both wind and the elements from entering the vehicle, as well as reducing noise.  Sleek and aerodynamic, you can see how good these look on the vehicle.

To the front, is one of our ever-popular bonnet guards, which not only enhance the look of the Amarok, but also protect the bonnet from those annoying stone chips.

Finally, to the rear we fitted the Armadillo roll top over, finished off with a set of rail caps.  These Armadillo roll top covers are undoubtedly the most recognised and strongest in Europe, so quality is assured! Manufactured using ultra-strong extruded aluminum, it features a dual-action lock, offering protection for your tools, equipment and valuables.

To give a run down of all the customisation of this vehicle:

  • Front double spoiler
  • EGR roll bar
  • Double row led light bar
  • Wind deflectors
  • Bonnet guard
  • Rail caps
  • Armadillo rolltop

All accessories are available on our website, feel free to browse online or give our sales team a call.

We also provide a fitting service at our headquarters in Swatragh, Derry and our UK base is Tewksbury, Gloucestershire, which is located just off the M5, junction 9.

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