EGR RollTrac – Electric Tonneau Cover


The EGR RollTrac, touted as ‘The world’s best electric roll cover’ and we certainly aren’t going to argue.  We have fitted it, and then put it to the absolute test.  We have tried to break into it with a drill, attacked it with a Stanley knife, dumped a ton of water onto it, put 545kg on top of it and the RollTrac has passed every test.

Watch our recent video below to see how our testing went…

Manufactured by top Australian company EGR, they are at the forefront of accessories for the automotive industry, with an extensive product range including wind deflectors, bonnet guards, roll bars, wheel arches, side steps, and various tonneau covers and lids.  Introducing the RollTrac, they have truly gone a step beyond the rest.

As electric roll tops go, the RollTrac has truly set the bar, with a host of features, it really is the roll-top with it all.  It has been engineered to rigorous global standards and was awarded ten international patents and features top-class security and smart technology.  Manufactured from aluminium, it provides a hardcore, tough and stylish solution for all your storage requirements.

The RollTrac is full integrated with your vehicle’s central locking, with onboard controls on both sides, a smart ECU, and a multi-speed gearbox.  With intelligent programming, you will find a smooth, safe and variable speed operation.  The power management system detects drops in vehicle voltage to preserve the remaining battery charge so you can start your pickup.

As a backup, the RollTrac can always be opened manually with a key just in case your battery dies.  Handy features include a bright, internal LED which automatically lights the load bed area, as well as the anti-pinch system to protect your hands from injury or any accidental damage to items which are protruding from the load bed.

Tested in extreme terrains, the RollTrac can take it all with the external components made from impact-resistant aluminium that won’t rust or corrode.  Stylish, the roll-top is finished with a premium, lightly textured, satin black powder coat, its UV stable and won’t fade.

With unrivalled security, the RollTrac will keep your valuable cargo safe and secure.  It features sturdy claw hook style latches which lock firmly against your tailgate, resisting entry with over 200kg of pulling force.  There are no external fasteners, meaning the RollTrac can’t be disassembled to gain access to your valuables.  The tough aluminium interlocking slats will stand up to attempted forced entry, keeping intruders and the elements out.

The RollTrac provides unbelievable weather resistance and has been tested in all climates and conditions, from dry dusty desert, tropical rainfall, salt spray on the beach to extreme cold and snow, the RollTrac has defended against them all.  Each corner of the RollTrac has large aperture drainage tubes, there are concave canister assists that disperse water quickly from drainage tubes and out of the vehicle as well as interlocking aluminium slats preventing water penetration.

Available now for the Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max and Toyota Hilux, we aim to add more vehicles to the range.  As well as this we will be introducing a range of accessories which will fit perfectly to your vehicle, including rails, sports bars and bicycle carriers.

We are delighted to be the exclusive distributors of the RollTrac in both Ireland and the UK. You can purchase the RollTrac HERE

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