RADAR RENEGADE AT5 116V – 285/50/20 – SET OF 4

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RADAR RENEGADE AT5 116V – 285/50/20 – SET OF 4

These Radar Renegade all-terrain tyres are suitable for a range of vehicles and driving uses.  With the latest tyre technology, they offer fantastic value for money.

The Renegades offer great off-road performance as well as an assured ride on the roads as well.  Proven against competitors on tough terrain, these tyres have an aggressive look.  Featuring stone ejector technology, this prevents stones from being lodged in the tread which can lead to tyre damage.

Features include…

  • Wide centre tread blocks to enhance handling and stability
  • Great all-terrain traction
  • Stone ejector technology
  • 3 ply construction which provides increased stability and resistance to puncture

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