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UK SALES:  01905 670033  ROI: 01 864 1077 NI: 028 7940 1222
Pick Up Accessories at Storm 4x4 Pick Up Accessories at Storm 4x4 Pick Up Accessories at Storm 4x4
Pick Up Accessories at Storm 4x4 Pick Up Accessories at Storm 4x4 Pick Up Accessories at Storm 4x4

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 Truck Tops 


Ford Ranger Truck Tops

Isuzu D-Max Truck Tops

Mitsubishi L200 Truck Tops

Nissan Navara D40 Truck Tops

Toyota Hilux Truck Tops

Vw Amarok Truck Tops


Hard Tonneau Covers


Ford Ranger Hard Tonneau Covers

Isuzu D-Max Hard Tonneau Covers

Mitsubishi L200 Hard Tonneau Covers

Nissan Navara D40 Hard Tonneau Covers

Toyota Hilux Hard Tonneau Covers

Vw Amarok Hard Tonneau Covers


Soft Tonneau Covers


Ford Ranger Soft Tonneau Covers

Isuzu D-Max Soft Tonneau Covers

Mitsubishi L200 Soft Tonneau Covers

Nissan Navara D40 Soft Tonneau Covers

Toyota Hilux Soft Tonneau Covers

Vw Amarok Soft Tonneau Covers



 Bed Liners


Ford Ranger Bed Liners

Isuzu D-Max Bed Liners

Mitsubishi L200 Bed Liners

Nissan Navara D40 Bed Liners

Toyota Hilux Bed Liners

Vw Amarok Bed Liners


Front Bars


Ford Ranger Front Bars

Isuzu D-Max Front Bars

Mitsubishi L200 Front Bars

Nissan Navara D40 Front Bars

Toyota Hilux Front Bars

Vw Amarok Front Bars


Sports Roll Bars


Ford Ranger Sports Roll Bars

Isuzu D-Max Sports Roll Bars

Mitsubishi L200 Sports Roll Bars

Nissan Navara D40 Sports Roll Bars

Toyota Hilux Sports Roll Bars

Vw Amarok Sports Roll Bars



Side Steps


Ford Ranger Side Steps

Isuzu D-Max Side Steps

Mitsubishi L200 Side Steps

Nissan Navara D40 Side Steps

Toyota Hilux Side Steps

Vw Amarok Side Steps


Wind Deflectors


Ford Ranger Wind Deflectors

Isuzu D-Max Wind Deflectors

Mitsubishi L200 Wind Deflectors

Nissan Navara D40 Wind Deflectors

Toyota Hilux Wind Deflectors

Vw Amarok Wind Deflectos


Bonnet Guards


Ford Ranger Bonnet Guards

Isuzu D-Max Bonnet Guards

Mitsubishi L200 Bonnet Guards

Nissan Navara D40 Bonnet Guards

Toyota Hilux Bonnet Guards

Vw Amarok Bonnet Guards



Tow Bars


Ford Ranger Tow Bars

Isuzu D-Max Tow Bars

Mitsubishi L200 Tow Bars

Nissan Navara D40 Tow bars

Toyota Hilux Tow Bars

Vw Amarok Tow Bars


Seat Covers


Ford Ranger Seat Covers

Isuzu D-Max Seat Covers

Mitsubishi L200 Seat Covers

Nissan Navara D40 Seat Covers

Toyota Hilux Seat Covers

Vw Amarok Seat Covers


Armadillo Roll Top Cover


Ford Ranger Armadillo Roll Top Cover

Isuzu D-Max Armadillo Roll Top Cover

Mitsubishi L200 Armadillo Roll Top Cover

Navara D40 Armadillo Roll Top Cover

Toyota Hilux Armadillo Roll Top Cover

Vw Amarok Armadillo Roll Top Cover



Storm Xccessories provide a wide range of Pickup Accessories , 4x4

Accessories & Van accessories such as: Hardtops, Tonneau covers,

Spare Wheel Covers, Wheel & Tyres packages, Towbars, Load Bed liners,

A-Bars, Roll bars, Side Bars, Spot Lights and much more.

Our head office is in Northern Ireland with warehousing and sales

offices in Worcester, UK & Dublin, Ireland. This gives us the ability

to supply 4x4 & Van accessories all over Europe...


Contact Us

                   Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm

                               UK: 01905 670033
                                 NI: 028 79 401 222
                                  ROI: 01 864 1077


Storm Xccessories sell a wide range of 4x4 accessories including: Truck Bed Covers, Bed Liners, Tonneau Covers, Aluminium Bed Liners, Bull Bars, Nudge Bars, Rear Bars, Roof Bars, Side Steps, A Bars, Wheel Arch Flares, Spotlights, Carpet Liners and more for all 4x4, Pickup & SUV.
We are Ireland's largest supplier of 4x4 accessories and tyres, offering a vast range of accessories to suit most 4x4 cars from a range of 4x4 accessory manufacturers including STX, Avenger XTC, Mountain Top, Truckman, Sunny Sport, Pace Edwards, Jack Rabbit and much more . We stock trucktop canopies or hard tops as they are sometimes referred to from STX and Avenger XTC canopies with the latest designs of canopy available for all pick up trucks including the Nissan Navara D40, Vw Amarok, Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi L200 as well as the latest Ford Ranger and Isuzu Rodeo. Unlike other companies, we also manufacture Pick Up canopies in our UK factory under the Ridgeback brand. We are the UK main importer and distributor for STX truck canopy hard tops and also the Pace Edwards manufactured Jack Rabbit Roll Top cover. Our own brand STX accessories include accessories only for 4x4 applications including pickup and SUV models. Items include Roll Bars, Sportsbars, Truckbed Covers, A Bars, Nudge Bars, Rear Bars, Light guards, Side Steps and Bed Liners. With many Kia Sorento, Honda CRV, Nissan Qashqai, Toyota Rav4 and Jeep Cherokee accessories available. STX 4x4 specialize in stainless steel, ABS and nylon plastic accessories. Our range has recently been extended to cover over 600 models of car, van and 4x4. We also provide an enormous range of accessories for the Nissan Navara D40 accessories, Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger and Isuzu Rodeo and impending VW Amarok pick up. We offer what we believe to be the best products on the market when compared with competing brands such as, Snugtop, Truckman , Avenger top and Armadillo.
In addition to using our simple website to order, you can contact us by telephone for further help, queries or to place orders. Irish Customers can also visit our purpose built 4x4 accessory showrooms and warehousing facility at Swatragh, Northern Ireland. We have a sales office in Worcester, England and will soon be opening a new showroom/warehouse in Tewkesbury, England.
Our own brand STX Bed liners are made and supplied in high quality polyethylene plastic and alloy chequer plate 5-bar tread plate. Our load bed liners for pickups include all popular models such as VW Amarok, Mitsubishi L200, Ford Ranger Isuzu Rodeo Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara D40 pickups. Unlike other liners, ours are not made from brittle ABS. Delivery can be made for a small fee using our national transport company and a export service is offered for bulk purchases of bed liners. Our Nissan Navara bed liners are sold to Nissan Motors Europe as original equipment and are designed to work with or without the C-Channel system. An over the rail liner is also made which again works with the load rails system in the D40 Navara bed. We offer the Samson one piece aluminium lining. These liners are made from the thickest five bar aluminium tread plate which are fully welded and offer the ultimate protection to the pickups bed area.
Chrome accessories including indicator surrounds, dial surrounds, door mirror covers , door handle covers and tailgate trims are made for a wide range of pick ups including Hilux , L200 , Rodeo , Ranger, Amarok and Navara D40 Most of our chrome accessories are manufactured in high grade stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. This ensures that they will not corrode. The chrome trim can be bent around corners of lights , grills and doors. Our latest range of Stainless Steel Accessories have now arrived from STX 4x4 and include aluminium running boards for Audi Q7, Dodge Nitro, Nissan Xtrail, Nissan Qashqai , Discovery, Freelander and Kia Sorento amongst others. We stock EU approved versions of some types of A-bar Bull Bars and include the Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara D40, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200, Shogun, Merc ML, Honda CRV, Merc Sprinter and Ford Transit amongst others. Storm Xccessories is the UK Distributor for DGA wind deflectors. These excellent wind deflectors are the in channel type and we have over 600 part numbers to suit almost every vehicle on the road including cars, vans, HGV and of course 4x4. You can see our dedicated wind deflector website at